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 Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator. 
Board Trained Certified Forensic Science Investigator
Board Trained Certified Forensic Investigator.

Danielle Roberts is a Florida Licensed Professional Investigator with over 10 years of professional investigative experience, ranging from financial, insurance fraud investigations, to murder cases. Mrs. Roberts is Board Certified in Criminal Defense Investigation and specializes in Autism response and Defense, disability defense, police procedure, trial preparations, civil case preparations, divorce, child custody, surveillance, stalking, death related cases, homicide along with additional training. She has superior investigative abilities coupled with comprehensive skills in forensic interviewing, forensic photography, crime scene examination, blood spatter detection, recognition, and analysis, and preparing and presenting accurate facts.

Danielle Roberts has dedicated years to the field of Criminal Defense while working with the 19th Judicial Circuit Public Defender, Diamond Litty and comes highly recommended for Defense Investigations.

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